Friday, September 2, 2011

Lying Low.

I went to the doc early this week with an earache that I thought might possibly be an ear infection (although I wasn't even sure if adults could get ear infections--I for one haven't had one in the last 20 or 25 years!).  It turns out I was right--it was an ear infection, and I had a sinus infection, too.  Yuck.  So my boys had to put up with a cranky, low-energy mommy this week who didn't want to leave the house more than was necessary.  As a result, we found all sorts of ways to amuse ourselves at home.

I had a doctor and a firefighter come to my rescue.

This was Ty one night (Wednesday?) after we asked him to get his jammies on.  He put them on over his clothes.  

This picture is totally blurry, but also totally Ty.  He thought he was beyond funny when he came back downstairs dressed like that.  Incidentally, I thought he was pretty funny, too. 

Yesterday the boys were playing in the backyard while I was working in the kitchen.  I glanced out the window to see McKay riding Ty toboggan-style down the slide.  Pretty hilarious, actually.

Sure do love these two.

In the last day or so we have been venturing out again.  Last night the boys attended a friend's birthday party, and I went to a going-away party at the Cheesecake Factory for my friend, Jenn, who is moving to Indiana next week.  (Sniff.)  This morning we hit up the park, and McKay somehow acquired a handful of splinters while we were there.  Even still, it was well worth the trip.  They SO needed that run-around-outside time.  And I'm all about being outside while the weather is so beautiful.  I can sense that cooler weather might be making its unwelcome appearance again sometime soon.

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Beth said...

How did I not even know you were sick?? I'm sorry!

You've got some pretty funny boys (I love that Ty put his pajamas on over his clothes, and their slide-maneuvering is hilarious!) and I'm glad I've gotten to see you so much these past twenty-four hours!