Monday, September 8, 2014

Weekend Project

A couple weeks ago, I ran into a friend I hadn't seen in a while.  She asked me to teach her how to frame in a bathroom mirror like I did in my guest bathroom.  I told her I hadn't framed in the existing mirror, that I had simply replaced my old mirror with a new one.  But the more I thought about it, the more convinced I became that framing in an old bathroom mirror was, in fact, a project I definitely wanted to try.  I looked up an online tutorial and decided it looked easy enough, so I gave it a go last weekend.  And I figured that as long as I was framing the mirror, I might as well re-finish the cabinetry, too.  You know how much I love honey oak!  
Adam left at 5AM on Thursday morning for a scout training, and wouldn't be returning until Saturday night, so I set a goal to complete the entire project while he was gone.  It seems I often take on fairly major projects when he is gone, and I have discovered that it is a coping mechanism for me, so that I can keep myself busy and not feel too lonely at night after the kids are in bed and I am all alone.  
So without further ado, here is my vanity.
And Adam's.  Before:

Close up of the cabinetry:

And the framed mirror:

If the cabinets look a little familiar, I re-finished them exactly the same as I did the cabinetry in our old master bathroom.  I loved the way it looked there, and decided to replicate it in our new home!

It was a pretty simple three-day project, and I am quite pleased with the end result.  Adam was happily shocked when he came home, too!  I would love to install new lighting fixtures, and I am dying to lay new tile, but that's not in our current budget!  For now, it's at least a nice upgrade to what it was before.