Sunday, February 16, 2014

Photo Overload Update

I realized how little blogging I have done lately in the midst of a move, and decided that at the very least, I would like to post some of our pictures from the last couple months.  So here are (quite!) a few of our photos documenting what we have been up to the last little while!

Ty and two of his best buddies.  They were having a pillow fight in the living room and Ty got one of his front teeth knocked out!  I realized they all had matching one-front-tooth-only grins, and I had to get a picture.  Priceless!!
Our annual downtown-Parker Christmas carraige ride.  Somehow this is always the most FREEZING night of the year, but we keep going back for it time and again.  Oh, the things you do in the name of tradition!
A snowflake went in front of the lens just as we were taking this photo.  I thought it was pretty cool!
The boys in their Christmas Eve jammies
The girls in our Christmas Eve jammies
Annie being silly on Christmas Eve
My total girlie-girl!  She was absolutely thrilled with her princess castle on Christmas morning!
I am obsessed with this girl!
We took advantage of all the snow we got in January to go sledding as a family.
I wasn't sure Annie would like it, but she loved it!  Now whenever she sees the sleds in the garage, she will say, "Whee! Again?  Again?"
My sweetheart boys
Ty kept trying to crash into everyone else going down the hill!
FHE a couple weeks ago--we played a family history game that was seriously SO FUN!
The kids displaying their pedigree chart
Annie at Sunday dinner last week
McKay was dying to build a snowman--finally the weather warmed up enough that I was willing to do it with him!  
"Look, Mom!  I'm holding the snowman's hand!"
Annie shows off her Valentine's Day outfit
We tried to get all the kids together on V-Day.  This was about the best we got.
But you know, it's real life.  And it's pretty great!