Monday, October 28, 2013

A Little of Life Lately

Which is code for lots of photos of Annie!  Seriously, this little girl is so fun!

She is seriously sassy, though, too.  Lately she has been making this scowly face, and though I have never been able to capture it perfectly on camera yet, it is adorable and hilarious!  It always makes the recipient, whoever it may be, laugh.

She is not lacking at all in the personality department!

Grandma M sent a fun package for the kids for Halloween, and we loved the little witch headband for Annie.  We were surprised she actually kept it on her head!

Love that little dimple!

Our kids had a week-long fall break, and one day some of our friends in our ward called and asked if the boys wanted to go to a fun park with them.  They ended up running into more friends from our ward, and it sounds like everyone had a blast!  Annie and I missed out--we were home napping.  Which maybe means we didn't miss out so much after all.  ;-)

Since we really didn't have any big plans for fall break this year, Adam took the Friday off of work so we could have some family time.  Thursday night we went up to Northglenn, booked a hotel, took the family out to dinner, went swimming in the hotel pool, and jumped on the beds.  The next day we went to Boondocks, a fun center right by where we stayed.  It was an absolute blast!

We went to an adults-only Halloween party with some friends last weekend.  We were a little hard-pressed to think of costumes, so this was the best we came up with:
Adam thought I have never looked better.  :-)  I told him not to get used to it!

I am 100% obsessed with these spriggy little piggy tails that Annie has been sporting lately.  She is totally growing a mullet, so we often put pig tails in to make it look presentable!

And here's a couple of my two little people jumping on my un-made bed as I did my hair this morning. I miss Ty so, so much while he is gone at school, but the time with just these two is a lot of fun, too.

My cute friend, Evelyn knitted this sweater for Annie before she was born.  It's still a little big, but it almost fits!

And tonight was our annual FHE pumpkin carving contest.  We have a system:  Adam guts and I carve, and the kids "help" where they can.  These were fully the kids ideas, except of course the Minnie Mouse.  Annie loves Minnie right now, so it seemed like the right choice for her!
McKay:  Batman logo
Ty:  Ironman 
Annie:  Minnie Mouse

Saturday, October 5, 2013

My Latest and Greatest

Here are the photos of my latest project:  my master bathroom cabinet re-finish.  The before pictures were taken 4+ years ago before we bought our house, but the bathroom has pretty much looked the same since we moved in.





 And a few close-ups of the cabinets:

I seriously LOVE the way the cabinets turned out.  Last night at about 1:30 AM, after I finished hinging and re-hanging the doors for the second time (long story), I took a long look and thought, "Yeah.  I just did that."  I really enjoy the feeling that comes with improving things.  
Oh, and this project cost a grand total of $34 ($12 for black hinges and $22 for knobs).  The black paint was leftover from the dresser project.  I originally planned on using the leftover hardware I still had from my kitchen reno, too, but unfortunately the pulls were too wide.   So it was slightly more than I had anticipated paying (always is!), but still super cheap for a project like this.
My next idea is to pull out the formica countertops and sinks and replace them with a gray granite counter and modern, raised-square, white sinks.  Adam isn't really on board with that idea, since it would probably become HIS project more than MINE, and I probably won't push it too hard.  He kind of has a lot of other things going on right now! 
And Grandma, I know you are probably tired of seeing pictures of my house and not your grankids!  I will post pictures of them soon!