Saturday, October 5, 2013

My Latest and Greatest

Here are the photos of my latest project:  my master bathroom cabinet re-finish.  The before pictures were taken 4+ years ago before we bought our house, but the bathroom has pretty much looked the same since we moved in.





 And a few close-ups of the cabinets:

I seriously LOVE the way the cabinets turned out.  Last night at about 1:30 AM, after I finished hinging and re-hanging the doors for the second time (long story), I took a long look and thought, "Yeah.  I just did that."  I really enjoy the feeling that comes with improving things.  
Oh, and this project cost a grand total of $34 ($12 for black hinges and $22 for knobs).  The black paint was leftover from the dresser project.  I originally planned on using the leftover hardware I still had from my kitchen reno, too, but unfortunately the pulls were too wide.   So it was slightly more than I had anticipated paying (always is!), but still super cheap for a project like this.
My next idea is to pull out the formica countertops and sinks and replace them with a gray granite counter and modern, raised-square, white sinks.  Adam isn't really on board with that idea, since it would probably become HIS project more than MINE, and I probably won't push it too hard.  He kind of has a lot of other things going on right now! 
And Grandma, I know you are probably tired of seeing pictures of my house and not your grankids!  I will post pictures of them soon!


Andrea said...

I am officially inspired! Love your projects!

LeChem Fam said...

You are awesome!! They look so good. I have 2 dressers and a bed I want redone...can I fly you out here?? Seriously so good!