Thursday, May 31, 2012

An Abundance of Crazy

Life has been going at a breakneck pace around these parts lately, or so it seems to me.  Last Saturday, we got Matt on a plane back to Utah for the summer.  He will be back here in August in time for school to start, but considering our lack of space with Baby Girl coming soon, and the fact that he wanted to spend some time with our brother, Zac, before he takes off on his mission in July, Matt decided he should be back in Provo for the summer.  I think that was probably a good choice.
So over the course of the last five days, we have been busy trying to convert bedroom #3 from teenage-boy-bedroom to baby-girl-nursery.  We have painted (PINK!), and Adam has installed beadboard along one wall.  I have been sorting through the miniature clothes, trying to get things ready and put away in the nursery.  We still need to paint the beadboard, hang curtains, and set up the crib, but we are getting there.  My to-do list is seemingly never-ending, the usual things like unburying the infant seat from under the stairs and getting it washed, making freezer meals to have ready for dinner on those first few postpartum days when I don't want to do anything, and getting the van washed/vacuumed out/oil changed.  I am also in the process of making a baby blanket for little Annie, and I am on a quest to find a cute, affordable diaper bag.  And that's just the beginning of the list!  It's been a crazy few days, and I am more or less exhausted.  The thought of laying around in a hospital bed for a couple days sounds pretty good right now!
When I went to the doc this morning, though, I found out that I haven't progressed at all.  Disappointing to say the least, especially considering all the activity and stress that I have been through over the last week.  I was hoping, only 12 days out from the due date now, that something would be happening!
But the silver lining is that I pled with my doctor, and she agreed to set an induction date.  True, it's not until 3 days after my due date--June 15, two weeks from tomorrow, but since Kaiser policy is to not induce until 8 days overdue, I am feeling that it is a small victory.  I am really hoping to go into labor naturally before then, but at least now there is an end in sight!

Right after I got the washed car seat cover put back on the seat, McKay climbed in with a blanket and said, "Mmm.  This is comfy!"  I hope his little sister thinks so, too!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pomp and Circumstance

Today was Ty's last day of preschool!  He and his classmates did a program in which they sang a few songs for the parents, and then they had a little graduation ceremony.  It was too cute!

Our Little Graduate!

Ty and two of his buddies from church, Josh and Jake

Ty with his teacher, Miss Nicole

Dad and Mom with the Grad (I did a little strategic cropping in this one to get rid of most of my enormous pregnant belly.)

We love our Ty Guy and are so happy that he had such a great year in preschool!  Now on to Kindergarten!  

Thursday, May 17, 2012


On the way home from the park today, Ty asked me, "Mom, what do they play with in Heaven?"
"What do you mean?"  I replied.
"I think there are probably mountains and mountains of legos to play with in Heaven," he responded whimsically.  "And for food there, I bet they eat pizza and hot dogs and grilled cheese sandwiches, all the time.  And probably lots and lots and lots of chocolate cake."

I love him.  Anywhere with him is heaven to me.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Made Their Day

The last couple days, there have been workers from the city in our neighborhood tearing up little sections of the sidewalk.  I have no idea why.  But what I do know is that when we returned from our grocery shopping trip this morning, and this was parked in front of our house, the boys were pretty darn thrilled.

We asked the operator if we could snap a couple quick pictures of the boys by the backhoe.  He was so nice about it.

He even told the boys to stand in the bucket and get a picture like that.  They thought they were pretty darn cool.

I will take it as a payoff for all the noise we have been dealing with!  :-)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


It seems like it's been a little while since I have written down some of the funny things my kids say.  And there has certainly been no shortage of funny comments around here lately!  So let's start with some of McKay's recent quotes:

McKay:  "Dad, I have a thing I need you to do for me."
Adam:  "What is it?"
McKay:  "I need you to make a call on the phone."
Adam:  "Who should I call?"
McKay:  "Grandpa.  Tell him that he needs to go right to bed, since it's dark outside already.  And tell him he needs to go right to sleep.  No messing around."  (Can you tell what we've been working on at our house with McKay lately?!)

I was watching a Mormon Messages video online a couple days ago, and McKay came and sat with me.  A clip of President Eyring came on, and McKay excitedly said, "It's General Conference!"
"Yeah!"  I replied, "Do you know who that man is?"
After a moment's pause, he exclaimed, "It's President Ihop!"

Each week, we sit down on Sunday night and discuss our schedule for the rest of the week.  As Adam, Matt, and I were discussing plans for a particular day, McKay interrupted, "Guys, guys, I have something."
Adam:  "Ok, McKay, what did you need to add?"
McKay:  "I think tomorrow I'm going to need some time outside."
Adam:  "We'll make sure and schedule that in."
Later, in the same discussion, I was talking about Adam and I going on a date.  "We could do dinner,"  I suggested, "Or even just go out for ice cream."
McKay:  "Oooh, I like ice cream.  I guess I'll come, too."

McKay is SO cute and sincere about the stuff he says, and sometimes it is so, so hard not to just crack up in his face.

My favorite recent funny quote belongs to Ty.  We were sitting at the dinner table, and Adam was talking about a CPE training (that he has to attend periodically to maintain his CPA license) he would be attending the following day.

Adam:  "No work tomorrow!  This is way more exciting:  I get to go learn about Insurance and Annuities!"
Ty, shocked:  "Assurance and Nudies?  WHAT?!?!  I cannot believe my eyes!!!"

We're still not sure what Ty thinks his dad does for his career.  ;-)

Friday, May 11, 2012

Mo Pro

A week ago was the LDS Spring Formal, or "Mormon Prom," as the kids call it, which has further been shortened to "Mo Pro."  Matt asked a girl from our ward named Leah.  She was actually one of our "daughters" last summer when we were a Ma and Pa for our stake trek.  So though we joked how messed up it was that my brother was going to prom with our daughter, we were actually really thrilled.   She's a great girl.  ;-)
And let's be honest, Matt's a stud.  I mean, really, who wouldn't want to be on a date with this guy?

Matt, Chandler, and Talon

The Group

Adam and I chaperoned the dance, too.  When some of the kids asked me at church whether I had fun, though, I admitted that it was more fun last year when I wasn't 8 months pregnant.  Oh, well.  It was so not about me, and if the kids had a good time, that's what really matters.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Call

So, last Wednesday, when the better part of my family converged upon my home, one of them brought something special with him.  My brother, Zac, received a mission call!  He had waited at home until the mail came, and then drove with it to Colorado to open it with all of us.  We were only missing my dad, still in Utah; and my oldest brother, Josh, and his family, in Virginia.  But we got them on speaker phone and it was sort of like everyone was there!  ;-)

And he is called to serve in the CALIFORNIA FRESNO mission, preaching the gospel in English!!!  He will report to the MTC on July 18.

We are SO excited for you, Zac!!!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!

Somewhat by coincidence, the vast majority of my family is in town visiting this weekend.  My sister and brother-in-law have been planning the trip for a while, so they could go to a Braves/Rockies game and see Wicked while it's in town.  More recently, my brother decided to come out for a concert.  And last night was Prom for my brother, Matt, who lives with us, so my mom decided sort of last-minute to come out so she could be here for that.  So, it's been a real party around here!!
We thought that since today is Cinco de Mayo (which really means nothing!), we should have a Mexican feast for dinner.  And since I got the recipe for Costa Vida sweet pork earlier this week at a RS meeting, that became the meal of choice.  It was seriously awesome.

After dinner, my sister insisted that my mom and I don bright colored shirts and sport "Fiesta Hair" with her.  I swear, my sister is one of the only people in the world that can bring this side out in me!

Then we got out Adam's sombrero and did a Mexican hat dance.

These pictures are blurry, but I so love them!  Ash at her finest!

We finished off the night with the Candy Bar Game.  Oh, so fun.

Happy Cinco!