Tuesday, May 15, 2012


It seems like it's been a little while since I have written down some of the funny things my kids say.  And there has certainly been no shortage of funny comments around here lately!  So let's start with some of McKay's recent quotes:

McKay:  "Dad, I have a thing I need you to do for me."
Adam:  "What is it?"
McKay:  "I need you to make a call on the phone."
Adam:  "Who should I call?"
McKay:  "Grandpa.  Tell him that he needs to go right to bed, since it's dark outside already.  And tell him he needs to go right to sleep.  No messing around."  (Can you tell what we've been working on at our house with McKay lately?!)

I was watching a Mormon Messages video online a couple days ago, and McKay came and sat with me.  A clip of President Eyring came on, and McKay excitedly said, "It's General Conference!"
"Yeah!"  I replied, "Do you know who that man is?"
After a moment's pause, he exclaimed, "It's President Ihop!"

Each week, we sit down on Sunday night and discuss our schedule for the rest of the week.  As Adam, Matt, and I were discussing plans for a particular day, McKay interrupted, "Guys, guys, I have something."
Adam:  "Ok, McKay, what did you need to add?"
McKay:  "I think tomorrow I'm going to need some time outside."
Adam:  "We'll make sure and schedule that in."
Later, in the same discussion, I was talking about Adam and I going on a date.  "We could do dinner,"  I suggested, "Or even just go out for ice cream."
McKay:  "Oooh, I like ice cream.  I guess I'll come, too."

McKay is SO cute and sincere about the stuff he says, and sometimes it is so, so hard not to just crack up in his face.

My favorite recent funny quote belongs to Ty.  We were sitting at the dinner table, and Adam was talking about a CPE training (that he has to attend periodically to maintain his CPA license) he would be attending the following day.

Adam:  "No work tomorrow!  This is way more exciting:  I get to go learn about Insurance and Annuities!"
Ty, shocked:  "Assurance and Nudies?  WHAT?!?!  I cannot believe my eyes!!!"

We're still not sure what Ty thinks his dad does for his career.  ;-)


A little Birdie... said...

This is too funny! I can totally picture your kids saying those things!

You're so good to write those things down- I'm always too busy laughing to remember to write what my kids say. Keep 'em comin!

Shannon Gish said...

Those are hilarious. Your boys are so cute.