Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Day for McKay

McKay had a birthday!  His actual birthday was on Tuesday, but since we had Teacher Appreciation scheduled on that night, we had to adjust accordingly.  We invited his primary class for a birthday party at the park last Saturday.  It was super windy, but it was the warmest day we have had in while!  We had pizza and cake and the kids got to play.  And I have to say, hosting a party at the park is the BEST way to go.  Minimal activity planning, easy set-up and clean-up--it's perfect!

Last night we let McKay pick a place to go out for his birthday dinner, and he chose Chuck E. Cheese's.  I know some people hate that place, but I actually don't mind it at all.  My kids, and McKay in particular, were in heaven!  I love to see them so totally happy.  
We love our little Mac!  Happy fourth birthday, buddy!