Thursday, November 15, 2012

Good Guy vs. Bad Guy

On Sunday morning as I was getting the boys ready for church, we had a conversation about the importance of missionary work.  I explained to the boys that there are so many great people in this world who want to do what's right, but don't know the truth of the Gospel.  I told them that that is why it's so important to serve missions, so that we can bring the truth to those who are seeking for it.  

Ty:  "Right.  But we don't want to teach the gospel to bad guys, just good guys, right?"  (He's very into the good guy vs. bad guy business right now.)

Me:  "Well, not necessarily.  Lots of times in the scriptures we see that when the gospel is preached to bad guys, they have a change of heart and become good guys."

Ty:  "Oh yeah!!  Like Saul in the New Testament--he was a really bad guy but once he learned the gospel he changed his named to Paul and became a really good guy!"

Me (impressed):  "That's exactly right Ty.  McKay, can you think of another example of someone who was a bad guy but changed to a good guy once they learned about the gospel?"

Sidenote:  We have been reading in Alma for our family scripture study, so I am totally thinking he is going to cite the example of Alma the Younger, the sons of Mosiah, Lamoni, Zeezrom, or someone like that.

McKay, totally lighting up:  "Yes!  I know!  The Grinch!"

It shocked me a little, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized he was right on!

I am so very grateful for my second son.  He brings so much excitement to our lives! 

Just one more note about him, every night before bed, the boys take a shower.  They have some bath toys in the tub, and McKay always fills up a small bucket with water and sets it in reserve on the side of the tub.  He keeps it there until the next night when they are both in the shower again.  By that time, obviously, the water is very cold.  He always waits until Ty's back is turned to him, and then he grabs the bucket and dumps the cold water over Ty's head.  We are lucky Ty is so good natured--if McKay did that to me I would probably be cursing!  Well, maybe not, but I wouldn't have such a benign reaction as Ty.  He always gasps and then both boys laugh uproariously together.  And it always makes me laugh, too.

I can't imagine a life without this little stinker.  It would be very boring, indeed.

Friday, November 9, 2012


After spending the last 5 nights and 5 1/2 days in the San Francisco/Oakland area for work, Adam is finally home.  Wow, what a healthy dose of empathy that gave me for single parents.  It was truly terrible.  But now that he's home, all seems right with the world again.

On a completely unrelated note, we started Little Lady on rice cereal.  She liked it more than McKay did, but was not as over-eager as Ty.  

And those little bottom teeth still have not popped through yet.  They have been teasing us for long enough!