Friday, May 11, 2012

Mo Pro

A week ago was the LDS Spring Formal, or "Mormon Prom," as the kids call it, which has further been shortened to "Mo Pro."  Matt asked a girl from our ward named Leah.  She was actually one of our "daughters" last summer when we were a Ma and Pa for our stake trek.  So though we joked how messed up it was that my brother was going to prom with our daughter, we were actually really thrilled.   She's a great girl.  ;-)
And let's be honest, Matt's a stud.  I mean, really, who wouldn't want to be on a date with this guy?

Matt, Chandler, and Talon

The Group

Adam and I chaperoned the dance, too.  When some of the kids asked me at church whether I had fun, though, I admitted that it was more fun last year when I wasn't 8 months pregnant.  Oh, well.  It was so not about me, and if the kids had a good time, that's what really matters.

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LeChem Fam said...

I will be honest I am such a huge fan of "Mormon Prom". I watch the dresses girls wear these days and it scares me for what it will be like when our girls are teenagers!! Looks like they had a great time!