Sunday, September 11, 2011

Spiritually Fed

We had our stake conference this weekend.  Wow.  I seriously feel the same at the end of this weekend as I do at the end of a General Conference weekend.  Our local leaders are so inspired.  I feel so blessed to be a part of the Parker Stake!
One thing that was extra special about this weekend was that I was able to sing in the stake choir.  I would probably have never volunteered to do this on my own, but with a gentle nudge from Adam, I found myself a a member of the choir.  Hey, if he was willing to bite the bullet and wrangle both kids alone during conference while I sat in the choir seats and actually got to listen, who was I to argue?  Besides, I had two good friends also joining the stake choir, so we were able to carpool together and even go out for ice cream after the adult session last night.  A win/win situation!
It's been years since I have sung in a choir, though.  Because we have small children, it is difficult/impossible for both Adam and I to sing in the ward choir.  Since he is so musically talented and enjoys it so much, it seems like a no-brainer for him to be our family's choir representative.
All that being said, I loved, loved, loved being part of the stake choir.  I feel that music is one of the things that invites the Spirit the most readily into my life, and I certainly felt the Spirit strongly at each of our rehearsals.  It was a blessing to attend.  As we sang Mack Wilburg's arrangement of "I believe in Christ" today, I was amazed at how palpable the Spirit was.  It was very difficult to get through.  I was literally shaking.  It was incredible to be a very tiny part of something so intensely powerful.
I am so grateful for this weekend.  I feel refreshed and ready to take on the world again.  I feel more in love with Adam, more happy to be a mother, and more ready to open my mouth and share the gospel.  I am thankful for the very specific spiritual impressions I have received.  I love stake conference!


Beth said...

Oh, I loved stake conference, too! Being in the choir with you was the best. It was fun carpooling with you guys and I'm glad you thought to go out to ice cream. Ice cream + friends = happy Beth.

I told Nathan that this is now our new routine for stake conference, because I don't want to miss out on this ever again! That performance of I Believe in Christ was one of the most spiritual experiences I've had. (And yes, Nathan agreed I could do it again! Talk about marrying well.)

Breea Heiner said...

I am with you. I felt fed and I am ready to do hard things again.

MamaT said...

I felt the same way. I loved being able to take a little break and use my other talents. It is nice to feel ready to take on the world again, especially when that world involves little kids!

the Youngs said...

Wow, even sitting way back in the hard seats, that song chilled me all over. It brought such a great spirit. The music and talks were amazing. I love our Stake. I love living in Parker, Colorado!!

LeChem Fam said...

We sat in the RS room overflow and can I just tell you that you entertained Kaden the WHOLE time. You were on screen and he kept waving at you and would not look away just in case you waved back! I actually got to feel the spirit this time so THANK YOU!!