Saturday, September 17, 2011

Puddle Jumping

Our ward dutch oven cook-off activity was cut short tonight by a downpour.  Gratefully, my family was all finishing up when the rain started, so I didn't have to come home and make dinner.  Unfortunately, I was planning on hanging out and letting the kids run around and play up until bedtime.  On the sodden drive home, I asked, "Now what?"  I wasn't entirely thrilled about the prospect of my wet children clamoring around our immaculate home (I cleaned ALL DAY LONG!).  So when we pulled up at home, we all slipped our shoes off and ran out to the street to find some awesome puddles!  

 (Please ignore the fact that I look like a crazy pregnant lady in this picture.  I can truthfully deny being pregnant, but I may less convincingly claim sanity.)

The boys' reactions?  McKay was not entirely sure why we were running up and down the gutter, kicking water everywhere.  Ty, on the other hand, thought it was a riot, and I agreed with him!  And in other good news, it kept us entertained long enough that after haircuts and showers, it was time for bed!


Beth said...

Ha -- we did haircuts and baths after the (shortened) Dutch Oven Cook-off, too! No puddle-jumping for us, though. Looks like a blast!

Mari said...

Ha ha, Meggin. I love that picture of you, makes me want to come over and give you a huge hug. And all that hair cutting drama afterward totally cracked me up. I'm so afraid that is going to happen to me when I cut Tyson's hair one of these days.

When did we grow up and start cutting our husband's and sons' hair?