Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Food Storage Extravaganza

Last Sunday, our awesome neighbor, Melodee, dropped off a 5-gallon bucket full of apples from her yard.  The next day, our neighbor, Sheila, came by with a bunch of peaches leftover from a basketball fundraiser her daughter did.  In addition, strawberries were 97 cents a pound last week at Sprouts.  In short, we were in produce up to our ears (which is really not a bad problem to have)!  Though we had never done it before, Adam and I decided we should bottle it.  
So, Monday was strawberry freezer jam day with my friend, Kim.
Wednesday Adam and I made and bottled regular, cinnamon, and strawberry applesauce.
Thursday I bottled peaches, and Adam made an amazing peach cobbler.
And for good measure, we made and bottled salsa on Saturday.  
Here is a small sampling of our labors:

It feels good to have put up so much food storage for free/very cheap.  What's more, we had a great time doing it!  It was really fun for Adam and I to have a little project to work on together.


the Youngs said...

How cool is that! Looks like a yummy food storage!

Allison said...

OOOO not only are they practical, they look pretty too!