Saturday, April 16, 2011


I can't believe that our little McKay is two today.  It seems incredible that that much time has already passed since we welcomed into our family, and yet I can hardly remember life without him.  It must have been a lot more boring then!  He has brought so much life, laughter and fun into all our lives!

Here are some facts about McKay at age two:

•He is an extremely musical kid.  He started singing primary songs when he was around 15 or 16 months, and is now almost always singing or humming something.  From I am A child of God to The ABC song, and Choo Choo The Big Train to Search, Ponder and Pray, if you hear someone humming around our house, it's probably him!

•He loves sports, basketball and baseball being especial favorites right now.

•His favorite thing to eat is fruit.  There is not a single kind of fruit that I have ever given him that he hasn't gobbled down--even grapefruit!  Grapes and watermelon are definitely some of his most favorites.

•He seems to be mellowing out a bit!  We haven't had nearly so many injuries/tantrums/daredevil behavior in the last month or so.  He is still a very active and busy kid, but it is becoming more manageable!

•He is definitely still a momma's boy, to the point where he often won't let Adam even pour him a drink. He is my shadow and my sidekick!

•He is becoming more bossy, especially to Ty.

•He is still a thumb sucker, but now he usually only does it when he is tired or sad.

•He is FAST!  The kid can run almost as fast as his big brother can.  Maybe I will get a little runner after all?

•He is extremely verbal.  He speaks almost completely in full sentences now.  For example, recently I was cleaning up bread crumbs around his chair after dinner.  As I was walking away, he said, "You missed one, Mom."  I said, "I did?  Where is it?"  He responded, "Right there.  Under Dad's chair."  Pretty impressive communication skills, dude!

•He knows all the basic colors (black, brown, white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink)

•He is beginning to recognize shapes

•He can count up into the 20's, although he can't identify printed numbers.

•He can sing the alphabet, and can recognize letters ("There's ABC's on it, Mom!"), but can't idenitfy individual letters yet, either.  (Kind of interesting--Ty was just the opposite--he learned letters and numbers first, and shapes and colors came later.)

• He has such a fun little sense of humor.  Often when I sing him a bedtime song he will sing it with me in a funny voice.  He is always saying and doing things that absolutely crack us up!

I was playing around on iMovie, and put together a little slideshow of McKay's life.  We just love this kid!!  Happy Birthday to one of the most fun and funny little boys around!

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Gbean said...

Makes me want to just cry and cry. Thanks for regularly updating so we can be a part of your lives. Love You!