Friday, April 22, 2011

Is that the doorbell? Again?

In the last few hours, my boys have received:

  • Two (large) packages, one from each set of grandparents
  • A chocolate bunny a piece, brought over by a neighbor 
  • A treat bag from each of my two visiting teachers, brought over independent of one another
There are a few dozen filled plastic eggs in the backyard, sent by Grammie and Tooge and hid by Mom, waiting to be found by two little boys.  The second package from G&G Marchant arrived during nap/quiet time, so that will be found when they emerge from their rooms.  Add to that the treats they received recently from an aunt, and the books brought over by another neighbor, and these two little guys seem a bit spoiled to me!  Easter morning will be a bit anticlimactic after all this hullabaloo!  
Have I ever mentioned that I love where we are?!  We are surrounded by great friends, neighbors, home/visiting teachers and ward members that make us feel pretty special.  Oh, and those packages that come so frequently from the grandparents?  We LOVE those, too.  Thanks, folks.  My day has been made.

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Nichols Family said...

I love reading your many posts that show just how loved you are! Wish I could show up on your door step in a box for a play date. Thanks for your comment (sorry I'm just getting around to responding). If Adam was gone for a long time, you'd totally surprise yourself by your own strength. I hope you don't have to, but you could do it. ;)