Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Children Teach Me

I am convinced that Ty has an incredibly mature spirit.  Lately he has been quite inquisitive about gospel subjects; truths I am sure he knows but that he is yearning to remember.  The Holy Ghost, in particular, is a subject that has been discussed a lot lately in our house.  A few days ago he asked, "Mom, when we say we feel the Spirit, does that mean Jesus?"  I thought that was a pretty deep question for a 3-year-old to ask!  I gave him a brief lesson on the Godhead, and explained about how we can feel the Holy Ghost.  A couple days later he questioned, "Where does the Holy Ghost live?"  Before bed that night, we got out our scriptures and read to him from the Doctrine and Covenants to answer his question.  We had already prayed, but he asked if he could say another personal prayer.  I told him that he could pray as much as he wanted to!  He opened his prayer, and simply said, "Thank Thee that we could learn more about the Holy Ghost tonight," before closing.  I was overcome by how much I love him!  And I was amazed (as I am nearly daily) about how in tune with the Spirit he truly is.
For General Conference, Adam printed a picture of the First Presidency and Quorum of the 12 for each of the boys.  We gave them little stickers that they could stick by each man when he spoke in Conference.  While McKay seemed more interested in sticking his stickers all over the couch, my arm, and his forehead, Ty was glued to see which of the "prophets" would speak next.  Now that Conference weekend is over, he can successfully name all the members of the First Presidency and Quorum of the 12 by sight, with the exception of three (the names of President Packer and Elders Ballard and Andersen still elude him).  
Ty loves the scripture stories.  Recently he got under the covers on my bed and said that he was Daniel in the Lions Den, and that the Lord was protecting him from the lions!!  Yesterday, he was poking me with a toy (because, let's be honest:  as sweet as he is, he is still a 3-year-old boy!), and I impatiently said, "Ty, stop buggin'!"  He responded in the deepest, fiercest, most menacing voice he could muster, "I'm not Ty, I'm Nehor!"  I about died trying to suppress my laughter!  He has also put his own spin on another favorite scripture story.  He was playing with his Little People Noah and the Ark set, so I began singing to him, "Noah was a prophet..."  He replied, "No, Noah wasn't a prophet, Noah was a pirate!"
And not to be overlooked, McKay had a funny scripture moment tonight, too.  We were reading in the Book of Mormon together as a family.  We have our kids repeat the words of the verses, so that they can "read" too.  I began, "Wherefore let us go up," And McKay repeated, "Wherefore..." He paused, and then vehemently stated, "No, 'And it came to pass.'"  He's nobody's fool--he knows how those verses are supposed to start!
I can't begin to say how much I love my little men, and how grateful I am for the scriptures and gospel principles that lay the foundation for our home!

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Beth said...

I liked reading all these cute stories! Those *are* some very spiritually intelligent questions Ty was asking. And I like the funny ones, too ... Noah was a pirate -- haha! Cracks me up.