Monday, May 31, 2010

Bolder Boulder and a Barbecue

What a seriously fun day this was for us! We drove up to Broomfield last night to stay with my uncle and aunt so that I could run the Bolder Boulder 10K road race with them today. We had heard about the crazy environment that Boulder is on Memorial Day, but it is something you really have to see to fully comprehend! There are 52,000 people that run the race, making it the second largest road race in the country. On top of that, there were probably another 200,000 spectators. It was actually a really cool feeling to be a part of something so big. I have never had such a fun time running a race before in my life! The course was lined with crowds of people. There were live bands playing all throughout the course as well. I saw a high school cheerleading squad, two groups of belly dancers, an Elvis impersonator, a couple of slip 'n slides, and people passing out hot cooked bacon to the runners. The whole thing was like an enormous party! The course was actually pretty challenging, with a few nasty uphill stretches, but I was having so much fun I barely noticed it! I forgot to stop my watch at the end, but I finished in around 56 minutes. It wasn't a record time or anything, but I'm not disappointed. Like I said, it was just really fun.

Adam and the boys hung out at CU stadium to watch me finish.
My cousin, Chelsea who is lightning fast, hurt herself and was not able to run this year. :( McKay really liked having her in the stands, though!

I might be somewhere in that crowd of runners!

My cousin, Shane; his friend, Luke; my Aunt Kendra and me after the race

My boys and me--they are such good little supporters!

McKay was rocking out to my running mix!

After the race, we went over to the expo, where different sponsors were handing out all sorts of different things for free. We got popsicles, burritos, flags, balloons, fruit leather--all kinds of stuff! The boys both decided to have a major meltdown at the same time, though, so it was time to take off.

After taking a long nap, we had a super fun barbecue at our house. We invited lots of people from our ward, thinking that many might have family plans so not everyone would show up, but we had eight families here! It was a little crazy, but seriously a blast! I have not had such a fun day in a really long time!


Michelle said...

Good job, that's awesome!! That is crazy there was so many people there! Spencer and I ran 5.1 miles Sat...and I don't know how people run marathons!! :) You are awesome! :) It will be fun to see ya in a few weeks!

Nichols Family said...

It was a blast! Thanks for having us over.

Allison said...

Wow that's a crazy big race! I stopped in the Denver airport yesterday and I saw a big chalk drawing being made to advertise the Denver Chalk Art festival this weekend. Have you ever gone? You should...probably really cool. June 5 & 6 I think.

And one long is the drive from Denver to SLC with kids? We are debating between driving from Dallas through Denver instead of through NM this month. Yikes I know.

Kami said...

Way to go Seag! My cousin and aunt have run the Bolder Boulder quite a few times! Perhaps I should join you Colorado runners next time for this race!