Monday, May 24, 2010


That pretty much sums up how I feel after coming off one of the best birthdays ever! It was actually a whole weekend of spoilage! Adam took me out to dinner at Macaroni Grill on Friday night, while our friends Ben and Mel watched the boys (thanks, guys!). The food was fabulous, I got sang happy birthday to in Italian, and feasted on their sinful chocolate cake--YOWZA!!
On Saturday morning, some of my fun girl friends from the ward took me out to breakfast at Mimi's Cafe. Talk about yum-o! That was way fun!
And then yesterday, my actual birthday, Adam and the boys gave me way too many gifts and treated me like the queen of the castle.

Ty was so kind to help me open all my presents :)

The boys bought me a new softball mitt since Adam and I are playing on a co-ed slow-pitch team this summer. Ty was stoked that I now have a glove and can play baseball with him, too!

In addition, I got some new running gear, two skirts from Downeast (cutest clothes EVER), and a few other odds and ends. Both my parents and in-laws sent money, too, so I get to do even more shopping!
Ty bought me Wingo, one of the cars from Disney's Cars. He chose it out for me all by himself ;), and yet when he opened it he was literally shaking like crazy with excitement. Adam and I were dying of laughter!

Then to top it all off, Adam got me a Peanut Butter Playground ice cream cake from Coldstone. It was literally one of the tastiest things I have ever put in my mouth. We had some friends over from our old ward to enjoy it with us. I think McKay liked it as much as anyone!

So, in short, I consumed WAY too many calories, got spoiled silly, and had a blast! Lucky me!


A little Birdie... said...

Mackay did awesome on the cake! What a pro!

Marianne said...

You totally deserve it! I am glad you had such a great birthday!

Nichols Family said...

Jessica Mcallister in our ward did them. I think they turned out OK, not jaw dropping, but I'm happy.

Carly Kaiser said...

"Getting presents is my favorite activity .... birthday cake is better than regular cake." - Junie B. Jones

Heather said...

how awesome - you deserve a week of celebration. So glad you and Adam have each other and the cutest family

Kami said...

How fun! You deserve to be spoiled! You're husband is one amazing husband.