Monday, June 14, 2010

The Birthday

We're back!! In the last week and a half, we have traveled from Denver to Salt Lake to New York to Miami to Key West to Cozumel to Miami to Memphis to Denver to Salt Lake and finally back to Denver again (and for those that are wondering, yes, that includes our layovers). We have traveled thousands of miles, had an absolute bLAsT, and are completely exhausted! In addition, I completed a half marathon and Ty turned three! We sure know how to pack it in!! I have some major catch-up to do on the blogging, so bear with me as I get through all this! My plan is to work backwards, and blog the birthday first, then the race, and finish with the cruise. So, here goes!
On Saturday, we celebrated Ty's third birthday! He has been waiting anxiously for his birthday to come, as his is the last one in our family. Sadly, he was pretty sick on his birthday, but that didn't seem to curb his excitement for his cakes and presents! We were able to have a little birthday party with my family in Provo, and then go up to Salt Lake and have another one with Adam's parents. There was certainly no lack of either cake or presents for our boy!

After all the presents were opened, Dad pulled out a new bike! Ty Guy was pretty darn excited!

And, as a side note, Mac has a knack for digging into chocolate cake like no kid I have ever met before! He thoroughly enjoyed this one! Both nostrils were clogged, he smeared it in his ears, and it was encrusted to his eyelashes and eyebrows. Yum!

Happy birthday to my sweet, hilarious, and precious Ty Guy! I love you dearly!

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Carly Kaiser said...

It looks like Ty had a great birthday! He is so cute!