Thursday, May 8, 2008


Ty and I were practicing balancing today in his room.  He was doing really well, but then he decided he wanted to walk!  He took three steps, only to fall forward and crash into his bookshelf!  Ouch!  He got a big gash/welt across his forehead.  His eye connected with a couple of hard-bound  picture books, so he has a cut and bruise across his eye, as well (that didn't really show up well in the photos).  I'm sure this won't be his last fall, but it still made me feel terrible!


Everyday Thoughts said...

Hey did you ever solve Ty's "standing up in the crib" problem? If so, do you have any hints for me.....Caleb just started it the other day and won't sleep......HELP :)

Tami Rasmussen said...

Nice! Yeah that happens, Cody always has some kind of bruise (some worse than others). 3 steps is awesome. Cody walks everywhere now, but then he tries to go at a run and falls fun.