Sunday, May 25, 2008

And he's off!

Ty took his first real steps on Mother's Day, and since then, he has been practicing and getting more stable with his new skill. These videos were taken a few days ago. He was really motivated to grab the camera!




The Coopers said...

Wow! Go Ty!! He has got that whole walking thing down. I love how he goes to the camera every time.

Marybeth & Mike said...

I cannot believe that he is old enough to be walking yet!

Mari said...

Ha ha, he did want that camera. I loved the little glimpse we got of you!

zach said...

dang. he's is growing crazy fast.

zach said...

i'm sure that sounded really smart.

letter_2_elise said...

You guys are so cute!
I just have to say whenever I want to go buy something nice, Justin says to me, "Well just go out and get a paper route and you can have it"

So thanks!

Glad you're doing well!