Monday, May 19, 2008

Annie are you ok?

On Saturday, I had the opportunity to run in a 5K race.  I was really excited about it because the last 5K I did was a year ago--when I was 8 months pregnant with Ty.  I thought I might do a little better this time around, with him in a stroller instead of in utero!  It was a clear, warm, beautiful day.  My friend, Annie, ran the race with Ty and I.  Honestly, I thought it was lots of fun.  It reminded me that I really do enjoy running and maybe I will do it more often!
I have this thing about finishing races strong, even if the rest wasn't amazing.  So, right at the end of the race, I said something to Annie like, "Let's sprint to the end" or "Let's finish strong" or something like that.  We both picked up our pace and started making a mad dash for the finish line. That's when disaster struck.  I was only using one hand to push the stroller, as I was pumping with my left hand.  Because of this, the stroller starting dragging to the right. Unfortunately, Annie was on my right side, and we had a serious collision!  The stroller plowed her to the ground hard! She lay on the ground for a few moments, but then got up and finished the race.  Of course I felt terrible!!  She had road rash across her elbow, knee, and both hands. We joked that I just wanted to take her out at the end of the race so I could beat her!  Anyway, I am happy to report that she is doing fine, and we are still friends (I think!).

This isn't the best photo ever, but this is Annie and me 
right after the collision running to the finish line

After the Race

Annie shows off one of her many injuries!

Ty Chillin' in the Stroller


Mari said...

Oh the mental picture of you two crashing is too funny. But only if Annie is really ok (sweet MJ reference by the way:-)

Dan & Brittany said...

Wow, still super competitive:) All jokes aside, that's very cool that you enjoy running and accomplish those goals.