Monday, May 12, 2008

Eleven Months Old Today

Ty is eleven months old today.  I seriously can't believe he will be one in just one month!  I thought it would be fun to post a list of things he is doing at this stage.  Some of them he has been doing for quite a while; others have been more recent developments.  Here goes:

If you say, "Give kisses" he will lean in to you with his mouth open for a big wet one!
He can say, "Mom," "Hi," and "Yay!"
He can give high fives.
He can wave hi and bye.
He will clap his hands if you say, "Everybody clap your hands" or "Yay, Ty!" While he is clapping, he will also say, "Yay!"
He loves to empty out every drawer, box, cupboard, etc. he can get his little hands on.
He will dance if you tell him to.  So funny!
He will do a "wild Indian cry."  (I know that's not politically correct at all, but I don't know how else to describe it.  You know what I mean--he will open his mouth and say "Ahhh," while hitting it with his hand.) 
His favorite places to be are his stroller and the bathtub.  He has absolutely no fear of water at all.  He will stick his face in it and come up smiling.  
He can walk all around a room as long as he has one hand on the wall or a piece of furniture.
He can walk 5 steps all on his own.  This is his most recent development.  He will walk back and forth between Adam and I.  Any day now he is just going to take off running!

It is absolutely amazing to watch the way a child develops over his first year.  He started as this tiny, helpless, 7 lb. creature that could do nothing for himself, and now he is moving, eating, talking, and playing all on his own.  It has been so awesome to watch him change and grow!

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