Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ty's Funny, Too

Besides the fact that he just has an awesome personality, McKay is at an age where he says lots of funny things.  But I don't want Ty to get overlooked, either.  He makes me laugh daily, too.

Last Sunday night, I was in the kitchen washing the dinner dishes.  Ty came in and said, "Just so you know, I got released from Primary today."  
Me:  "Oh, really?"  
Ty:  "Yep.  I got released, so I don't think I will be going anymore."
Me:  "You will still be going actually.  But nice try."
Um, can I just remind you that this kid is four?  This could be trouble. 

And today while out running errands, we were listening to the primary song, "Hum Your Favorite Hymn," in the car.  After the line, "Just hum your favorite hymn, sing out with vigor and vim..."  Ty yelled from the back, "Oh, Vigor and Vim!  Those are some of Santa's reindeer!"

Awesome.  These are the moments when I realize I have the best job in the world!


Beth said...

Yay; a Ty post! I really, really like Ty and am really, really glad he and Josh are friends!

That "released from Primary" comment is hilarious. And Vigor and Vim totally do sound like they could be reindeer. Good call, Ty.

Ash said...

Bahahahahha! L-O-V-E that kid!!!!

the Youngs said...

Maybe Ty misses you since you got released from primary. :)So cute!

Heather said...

haha. I laughed out loud about Vigor and Vim being two of Santa's reindeer. Kids are the best!