Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday is a special day...'s the day that we spend playing basketball!

Ty has been playing on a city rec league team since the beginning of January.  It's especially fun because his friend, Isaac is on his team.  Ty and Isaac's daddies are the coaches, too, which is pretty special.

Ty and his buddy, Isaac, who is moving to Arkansas next week.  Oh we will miss him!

Matt has also been playing ball in the stake young men basketball league.  So far, CF ward is undefeated!

And speaking of Matt and basketball, since he has been around he has taught our boys a thing or two about the NBA.  It's not uncommon for Adam to come home from work and be greeted with, "Hi, Dad! I'm Lebron James!"  Adam is less than thrilled about this since he and Matt tend to disagree on favorite NBA players/teams.

The boys look good in their dresses jerseys, don't you think?

But, really, what four-year-old do you know who knows about this many NBA players?

It leaves his daddy simultaneously proud and shaking his head.

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Ash said...

DJ and I are VERY impressed with his basketball knowledge :) Slightly disappointed that Jimmer wasn't in his faves, but, well... we still like him ;)