Thursday, February 9, 2012

Minivan Mom

So, we bought a van.

We have been looking for one on and off for about a year.  Last spring, we test drove a Nissan Quest, and I sort of fell in love.  I determined that if I was going to get demoted from SUV to minivan (and yes, in my mind, that is a demotion), this was the one I wanted.  After some serious thought, Adam and I decided last year to hold back, stick with what we had for a while, and wait a year or so until we really needed a minivan before making the purchase.
Fast forward to January 2012.  Adam's car (which we bought the first year we were married) was having yet another mechanical problem.  After getting a quote on how much it would be to fix it, we decided it wasn't worth dumping more money into.  Adam didn't want to continue driving it with the problems it was having, though, because he was afraid it might just totally break down at any minute, and frankly he was probably right!  We listed the car on craigslist, and in literally 30 seconds, the car was sold.  
We were happy about that, but it also meant that we were a one car family--something that we have't been since 2007!  So the hunt for a minivan began in earnest.  
Then, lo and behold, within a day of each other, two Quests were posted online within our budget!  We checked them both out, test drove them, and finally decided upon this one: 

I am not crazy about the gold color, but the price was right and it is in almost pristine condition!  And it has all the bells and whistles:  leather interior, heated seats, dvd player, and a side door and trunk that open with the push of a button.  What's more, Matt will no longer have to be smashed between the boys' car seats when we go somewhere with the whole family!  And come June, when Baby Girl joins our family, we will still have ample space for everyone.  That's one thing that I love most about this particular minivan as opposed to some others we have looked at--it is so, so roomy.
The boys are in love.  Last time we bought a car, Ty looked like this:

So needless to say, it's a major novelty for them.  Ty especially loves that he can open and close "his" door by pushing a button.
And me?  I'm beginning to think maybe this isn't such a demotion after all.


Beth said...

SWEET! I think it is smart of you to wait a year (no sense in buying a car that will just be getting older before you really need the space). And I'm glad you found something you like! It does look really roomy and those leather seats -- so nice!

And that picture of little Ty is SO cute.

Congrats on the new wheels!

Nichols Family said...

Welcome to The Club! You'll never regret it! And I beg to differ... it's a promotion. ;)

Rosemary said...

Ever hear of driving six almost grown boys in a sedan to Disneyland! Way before car seats! Nice work.

LeChem Fam said...

Congratulations and welcome to the club!! I guess if you don't like the color the bright side is you can't really see it when you are driving!!

Brian, Emily, Charlie, and Lucy said...

I am jealous! I was totally the same as you -- always swearing I would NEVER drive a minivan -- but now I can't WAIT to get one!

We're int he market as well (did you know that we are due the same day?!! CRAZY!) and I was wondering, what year is your van? I just went on and looked at quests on nissan's site and they have changed the body a lot. (I like the look of your guys' more!)