Sunday, February 5, 2012

My McKay

I truly believe that McKay's very existence in my life is to serve a dual purpose.  The first is to exasperate me and try my patient to the utmost limit.  The second is to amuse me to no end!  Seriously, the kid is funny.  Today as the sacrament was being passed, McKay was looking at the Church History maps and photographs in Adam's scriptures.  Except, he wasn't really looking at all the buildings of historical significance in the photos.  In each picture, he was pointing with his little boy finger at the trees in the background, and whispering (very reverently I might add!), "Those trees!  Those trees!  Those truffula trees!  All my life I've been searching for trees such as these!"
I was trying oh, so hard to focus and be reverent, but seriously.  I was internally laughing my guts out!

When I picked my boy up from nursery, he greeted me with a, "What up, Mom?"  Just the way he said it, in a low, I'm-so-cool voice, nearly sent me over the edge again.

I've been trying to do a better job at living in the moment, focusing on the little things that make me happy rather than wishing I was somewhere else, doing something else (or wishing it was the boys' bedtime!).  Yesterday morning my boys were up at 6:45 AM, which is ridiculously early for them.  One boy jumped in on each side of the bed, and I had the privilege of having McKay on my side.  He lay so still, and the only sound he made was the smack-smack-smack as he sucked his thumb.  We stayed that way for more than an hour, but I never fell back asleep.  Instead, I relished the way he fit so perfectly in the crook of my arm, with his downy-soft hair rubbing against my cheek.  It was heaven.

Why has Lord blessed me so abundantly, to allow this little man to be mine?  He brings an unmeasurable amount of joy to my life on a daily basis.  I'm quite sure that he will be the kid that makes Adam and I  prematurely gray when he's a teenager, but oh, how grateful I am that I have him!


Ash said...

bahahahahahaha I love that kid!!!

Andrea said...

Love it. Glad to see I'm not the only one who has days where I"m constantly wishing it was bedtime...ha.
P.S. I'm so excited for your little girl!

the Youngs said...

Love that McKay!!