Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day at the Museum

Yesterday was a free day at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, and we had some friends invite us to tag along with them for the morning.  Since we had never been there, and I have a hard time passing on anything free, we happily joined them.  The boys had a blast!  Though lots of the activities and exhibits were geared toward older children, there were plenty of things that fascinated the littles, too.  

This man in the dino bones suit greeted us as we entered the museum.  The boys thought he was awesome--until he turned his head toward McKay and opened his mouth!  McKay hollered at him and very quickly backed away.  He was quite leery of him the rest of the morning.  Anytime he spotted the dino, even if he was nowhere in his vicinity, he demanded that I hold him.  

There was a very cool Discovery Zone geared toward small children.  This was a computerized paint table--painting with no mess!  I could use one of those at home!

We also learned about outer space, animals, and dinosaurs.  It was a great morning!

When we were tired and hungry, we busted out a packed lunch to eat with our friends, too.

Thanks Bird family for a fun morning, and for sharing your pictures with us, too (I forgot my camera).  We loved it!

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