Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekend quotes by the Marchant brothers

There were a few things said by my boys over the weekend that I just need to record.  They can both be so silly sometimes!

When I came home from the gym Friday morning, my boys had just woken up.  I went over to Ty, hugged him, and asked him how he was feeling.

Ty:  (Dramatic sigh)  "Pretty messed up."
Me:  "Why are you feeling pretty messed up?"
Ty:  "Mom, don't you know that when someone tells you they are feeling pretty messed up it means they are feeling pretty great?"
Me:  "Oh, thanks for the heads up."

Later that day he came over to me, hugged me, and said, "Oh my sweet little darlin'.  I love you."  I had to crack up.  I promise I don't call my children "sweet little darlin's, and I have no idea where he got that from.  It was SO funny.

Yesterday getting McKay ready for church, he said, somewhat out of the blue, "Jesus is my very favorite guy."  Love that.

And after I had picked him up from nursery and we were getting ready to head home, a man in our ward approached us and started talking to McKay.  I said something about needing to go home and get him some lunch.  McKay stopped me and said, "No, I already had lunch at nursery."
Me:  "You probably had a snack, but I am sure they didn't feed you lunch at nursery."
McKay:  "Yeah, they did.  They really did."
Bro. Mortensen:  (Laughing)  "Did they give you a ham sandwich?"
McKay:  "No they made us grilled cheese sandwiches."
Bro. Mortensen:  (laughing harder) "Let me guess, with tomato soup, right?"
McKay:  "Yep.  Grilled cheese and soup.  That's what I ate in nursery today."

We either have a compulsive liar or a really good storyteller on our hands.  Let's hope it's the latter.


Beth said...

Those little stories are SO cute! "Jesus is my very favorite guy" -- that is awesome.

Ira and Heather said...

I'm going with a really good storyteller. It is totally a boy thing. They live in their imagination. Samuel's teacher asked me at our last parent teacher conference if we owned a mouse. I told her no way. She told me of a very convincing story from Samuel about his mouse that he owned. I had to laugh because he is always coming up with a story totally fictional that he makes sound so true. I love it! Boys are the best!