Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Whirlwind Week

We are seven days into July, and I have yet to post anything this month!  As we expected, our summer has been super busy.  Last week Adam flew to Utah for a day to surprise his dad at his retirement party!  It sounded like he had a lot of fun with his family, and even got his annual pie-in-the-face from his brother, Spencer!  That's always a good time!!

(I borrowed the pictures from my sister-in-law, Michelle, since I wasn't there to take any of my own!)

The day he got back into town, my parents and brother, Matt, also drove to Colorado from Utah.  We were able to spend a fun day with them before Adam and I left the next day to make a quick trip down to Durango.  Adam's good friend, Reed, got married there, so we went down for the wedding.  It was a long drive (6 hours each way) just to spend a single night there, but it was sort of fun to do a road trip with just the two of us again.  And the entire time we were at the wedding we were so grateful that we didn't have to corral our children.  Thanks for taking good care of our boys, Grammie and Tooge!

We returned home just in time for church on Sunday (Adam and I both had classes to teach).  Then, on Monday, we were able to enjoy a fun Fourth with my family!   My dad's family had a reunion up in Boulder all weekend long.  Since we had been in Durango, we only got to catch the family Fourth of July breakfast in Boulder on Monday morning.

This is my dad (far right) with his Mom and two brothers.  It has been a lot of years since they have all been together!

While we were at the breakfast, my dad's cousin set up this awesome water toy in the backyard.  The kids (of all sizes!) had a lot of fun with that!

On Tuesday we headed down to Colorado Springs to visit the Air Force Academy.  I've been down there lots of times, but I am always impressed by how beautiful that campus is.

In addition to all of that, while my parents were in town, my mom sewed me a pioneer dress for trek and my dad did a bunch of landscaping for us.  He helped us build a retaining wall for flower beds in our front yard, and built a raised box garden in the back.  Those aren't filled with dirt or plants yet, so I will post pictures when it's completely finished.  But it looks AWESOME!!  My dad is a seriously hard worker!
We have been all over the state of Colorado in the last week, and we have kept busy with lots of projects.  We have really loved having my family in town, but now I am feeling like I need a LONG nap!

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