Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 2: Sixth Crossing

On our second day in Wyoming, we hiked the area that is known as Sixth Crossing--the rescue site for the Willie Handcart Company.  We had a lot of fun with the kids that day!

Backwards YMCA!

Mud bog--YUCK!

As we crossed the Sweetwater River for the first time (3 crossings total), the stake presidency and bishops were in the river singing hymns.  Brother and Sister Cox said that in life, these men have "already crossed the river," and they are there to help us across.  It was so awesome.  They also asked that we think about the Willie Company crossing at this spot with 18 inches of snow on the ground and ice chunks floating in the river.  It was definitely a top 3 trek experience for me.  

Later that evening after we set up camp and had dinner, the stake put on "Fort Bridger Night."  There were all sorts of pioneer games to play.  It was a blast!

Adam initiated some Indian leg wrestling

And we had a stick-pull tournament

Then we played my personal favorite game, "Club the Bunny.''  I think I will be making a homemade version of this game to play at home--seriously so fun!

Bishop Bell did a little impromptu wrestling with some of the boys.

There were sack races (and falls! Sorry Kylie!),



And all sorts of other fun games, thanks to this little lady! (The daughter of the man who sealed Adam and I in the temple, actually!)

At the end of the day, Adam and I agreed that while the spiritual moments of the trek were simply awesome, it was really great just to be able to have FUN with the kids, too.  

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Beth said...

Loving these posts! Thanks for sharing, Meggin. I'm sure this is the closest we'll ever get to participate in something like this and so I'm excited to see the pictures and hear of your experiences.