Sunday, July 24, 2011

Little Pioneer Children

Happy Pioneer Day!  Maybe we don't get a parade and a day off work tomorrow like we would if we were in Utah, but we have been celebrating Colorado style.  Already this morning I had one of our ward's young women contact me and convince me to wear my trek pioneer dress to church this afternoon (although I have to say, I am regretting that commitment already!).  
Yesterday, our ward had a pioneer primary activity.  The kids were told they could dress like a pioneer if they wanted, although very few actually did.  I left the choice up to Ty, and he jumped all over it!  Luckily it's not too tough to concoct a pioneer outfit for a little boy!

Though McKay is not technically primary age yet, he got to tag along since Adam was at scout camp.  And both boys had a really good time!  They got to make some pioneer crafts, they ground wheat and made butter, and played pioneer games.  McKay faced off in the stick pull against his buddy, Ayden.  
 Yep, I think Ayden took him that time!  

Then the boys got to participate in a 3-legged race.  McKay lasted approximately 2.5 seconds before he was screaming to be untied!

Ty and one of his best buddies, Braden, also ran in the race.  They were pretty excited about it!

Let's be honest though, those two little minis really didn't have a chance against their much older and bigger competitors.

Sure enough, just after the race began, they were both on the grass!  (But as you can see from the looks on their faces, they obviously didn't mind too much!)

And each time they stumbled, they got back up and tried again.  That's really what it's all about anyway, right?

In just three days, Adam and I will be with approximately 500 youth and other leaders in Wyoming as we re-trace the steps of our pioneer ancestors.  I am grateful for the chance to spend the week following pioneer day in honor of them!

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Beth said...

Ty was so cute in his hat! Loved his determination in the three-legged race. And totally understand McKay's frustration, too. :-)

Good luck on Trek this week; I'm sure it will be an amazing experience!