Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Gift of Life and Breath: 2011 Version

This morning we ran the Gift of Life and Breath 5K race for the fourth year in a row.  Here are our 2010 2009 and 2008 recaps.  (Check out the one from 2009--Ty is wearing the same hoodie Mcay wore today, and McKay is eensy--like 4 weeks old I think!)  It's always one we look forward to.  It's a really relaxed, family-friendly race that's just a lot of fun.  And it was the first time I have run outdoors so far this whole year!  Honestly, it was harder for me than it should have been.  I forgot to use my inhaler before the race started, and accidentally left it in the stroller (which Adam was pushing) during the race.  The wind was blowing pretty hard, and I was struggling to breathe.  Thankfully, I met up with my friend, Mel, who lent me hers and saved my life (yes, I am exaggerating a little, but not much. ;) )  Incidentally, I didn't run it all that fast, but it was a good, fun run anyway.  

Our Little Family 

Me with my "Running Buddy," Heather.  We work out at the gym together nearly every day.

And everyone knows the best part of race day is all the free food afterward!  

Next race stop:  Bolder Boulder!!


the Youngs said...

Way to go Meggin! This makes me excited to pop this baby out and try to get back into running. :)

Nichols Family said...

How fun! Look at you two skinny-minnies! You both look fabulous!