Monday, May 30, 2011

Bolder Boulder

Another Memorial Day weekend, another super fun time.  Adam's brother, Spencer, and his wife, Michelle, flew to Denver to visit for the long weekend.  We went to a Rockies game together (pictures to come), installed a ceiling fan, and the pinnacle of the weekend:  we all ran the Bolder Boulder!  We drove up to Broomfield last night and spent the evening with my uncle, aunt, and cousins so that we didn't have to get up as early to run today.  My Uncle Kirk was kind enough to stay with Ty and McKay in the CU stadium while the rest of us ran.  
Bolder Boulder is seriously my favorite race ever!  I felt like it was a lot more wild last year, but it was still pretty much sensory overload today.  Between the live bands, belly dancers, cowbells, and slip n' slides, it's pretty crazy!

My cousins, Chelsea and Shane, are so awesome!!  They ran 6.2 miles dressed as Batman and Robin!  

My boys and me right after I finished.  I actually ran exactly ten seconds slower this year than I did last year, which I was a little disappointed about.  Not sure if that's due to the slight course change (which made it more uphill), the colder weather, or the fact that I'm just slower now.  :)  My official time was 57 minutes and 28 seconds.  

And this is Adam finishing his first ever 10K!!!  (He's in the red with his arms raised just crossing the finish line.)  Before today, he had never run more than 4 miles at a time.  Today he ran 6.2 without stopping once!  What's more, he felt good at the end of the race and actually said he had fun (this from a man who just doesn't love running)!  I was so happy for him!

Here's Spence and Michelle crossing the line in front of the Teletubbies!

It was a little chilly with the wind, so the boys snuggled up with Shane.  They LOVE him, by the way.

A group of National Guard soldiers ran into the stadium carrying the American flag.  I actually got a little emotional watching them.  They stopped before the finish line and did push-ups...

...and then finished the race.  It was so cool.

Me and my awesome husband!

Team Marchant!

And a shot of the seven of us who all ran today.

Funny story.  We woke the boys up at the last minute this morning and brought their clothes so they could get dressed after we got there (trying to let them sleep as long as possible).  Somehow, Ty's shoes got left at Kirk and Kendra's house.  Since McKay was riding in a stroller and Ty had to walk, Kirk and Adam put McKay's shoes on Ty and had McKay go in socks.  So this is a picture of McKay after walking around in spilled granola in the stadium, and Ty with shoes on that were 3 ½ sizes too small!

The Marchant family post-race

After the race, we came back to Parker and had a barbecue with Spence and Michelle, and our awesome friends, Chris and Nicole.  It was a seriously fun day!  We loved having Spence and Michelle here, and SO appreciated Kirk and Kendra feeding and housing us all, too!  


Beth said...

YAY MEGGIN!! And Adam. :-) Glad you and your family had a good time at the race!

I love that your cousins dressed in costume; that's awesome. And I can't believe Ty fit into McKay's shoes!! That is the advantage to having your kids closer together, I guess, because that would NEVER work with my boys!!

A little Birdie... said...

Yeah, we totally looked up your time last night when we looked up ours and you rocked it! Holy cow! Way to go both of you. Adam did great too!

Michelle said...

It was super fun! Thanks again for letting us come and feeding us! :) We had a great time! Cute pictures!

Kendra Kaiser said...

Kirk said: "It's about time we converted you to being CU fans. Look at those sweatshirts on the boys. Good Job!"
Kendra said: "Good Job to everyone who finished, it's not easy! We loved having you stay with us."