Thursday, April 8, 2010


We had a nice, quiet Easter here at the Marchant home. I loved having it fall on General Conference Sunday. It was great to just relax and stay in our pajamas!
This was actually McKay's first Easter, as he was born just four days after the holiday last year. I certainly felt WAY better than I did last year! Ty is at such a great age now too, that it was really fun this year. Here are some photos for your viewing enjoyment :)

Coloring eggs on Friday night. I normally don't like to be in the pictures, but I figured maybe one day my boys might want to have a picture of them with me.

Easter Morning
I only managed to get one unbecoming photo of Ty before my camera batteries died (the spare set was dead, too). Darn it.
Happy Easter! Nothing tastes better than a plastic egg!


Allison said...

Before I read your caption I thought- oh he's about to sink he's teeth into a hard boiled egg! Mmmm. That shell might be a shock. Apparently I look at photos first and then go back and read it. (comprehension strategy, right?:)) And by the way, I love that pink apron.

Ash said...

Is Mac's easter basket a robot? I'm not going to lie... I'm a little jealous!!!