Saturday, March 27, 2010

First Date

About two weeks ago, Ty and I went on our first ever mommy and son date. My friend, Mel, won tickets to Disney on Ice, and generously offered them to us. I was beyond thrilled! The seats were fabulous, and we had a wonderful time. My first date with Adam was to Disney on Ice, so it's kind of special to us. As cheesy as it sounds, sitting there watching the same show with Ty that I saw first with Adam, I felt like we had really come full circle. I would NEVER have guessed on my first date with Adam that I would be there on my first date with our son five and a half-ish years later, but I am glad that it worked out like it did! And thanks SO MUCH, Mel! Ty totally loved it, and so did I!

And speaking of Ty, I have a crazy story. We were leaving the house yesterday and I hit the garage door button on our way out. Ty ran out to the garage door and grabbed onto the bottom with both hands as it was going up. It lifted him right off his feet, and he rode it almost all the way to the top! I about died! I ran out to him and caught him with my left arm (Mac was in my right) just as he fell. It scared me to death, but after it happened I couldn't stop laughing (privately, of course)! I only wish I had a picture, but we will most definitely NOT be reenacting that one!
Then last night he fell out of his bed and stayed asleep. Apparently riding garage doors is exhausting! ;)


brandandbrit said...

That is so adorable that he stayed asleep! That's so neat that you went on the same date with Ty that you did with Adam. That is so special.

Kylee said...

What a fun date! Anytime I go somewhere with Caden it is a date, I guess...since he is the only one still! :) By the way, that was me that said hi to you the other day when I was running.