Friday, April 16, 2010


Is it really possible that this little guy:

Has grown into this little guy:
In just one short year?!

It seems like our baby has been part of our family forever (which I guess maybe he has!), but at the same time, it seems like just a minute ago that I was in a hospital room holding him for the first time. I can not believe it has only and already been a year! (And I know those of you who are parents understand what I mean by that!)

All about McKay:

*He's a little guy with a BIG personality. He dances almost every time we put him in his booster seat at mealtime. He already has great rhythm, too! He loves to make us all laugh!

*He is a major mama's boy. He won't let me out of sight. It makes showering and cooking dinner interesting at times!

*He has a full dozen teeth. That's what happens when you get your first two at 3 1/2 months. By the time you turn one, you have a mouthful!

* He is still a major thumb-sucker

* He says Dad ("Da-da"), Ty ("Ta"), Ball ("Ba"), "Bye", "Yay", "Mmm-hmm" and he calls me "Buba". He used to say light "Ight" but hasn't said that in a while.

*He points at everything!

*He is a biter--we are working on that.

*He claps his chubby little hands when you say "Yay, McKay!"

*He waves hello and goodbye.

*He tries to do everything that Ty does. If Ty laughs, Mac laughs. If Ty cries, Mac cries.

*He can crawl up (but not down!) stairs.

*He is not walking yet, but he is getting pretty close. He pulls himself up on everything, cruises the furniture, and walks while pushing chairs around the kitchen to get where he wants to go.

*When you ask him for kisses, he leans forward and opens his mouth.

*He is so sweet and very sensitive!

Happy first birthday, my baby! We could not love you more!!

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