Saturday, April 17, 2010

Yaaar, Matey!

For Mac's birthday, I decided I wanted to attempt to decorate a cake. My cake decorating experience: zero. I know that he's really too little to care, but when he looks back at this years from now, I wanted him to know that I tried to do something special for him. So, I went to Michaels and bought a few basic icing tips and bags, along with a cake pan, and went to work! This is the final result:
Now, I know it's not professional or anything; I am not planning on starting a business any time soon! But, for someone that has never taken a cake decorating class and has absolutely no experience whatsoever except watching my mom do it, I feel pretty good about the final product.

And most importantly, McKay LOVED it!

He put it down in record time, in true Marchant fashion. He even leaned over and licked his tray when there were only crumbs left!

Here's our little birthday boy with his loot. We only bought him a pair of pajamas and the carseat. Everything else is from his two amazing sets of grandparents! What a spoiled, lucky little boy!


Ash said...

Ummmm... Meg? Of course he loved the cake. It was the one time this month he got any sugar. (I mean, you even have pictures from Easter proving that all you let him have was a plastic egg)

Meggin said...

Ha, ha, you are so funny!! My kids get sugar, but it is usually in the form of fruit! But really, he has been pounding the peeps since Easter. He is definitely getting his fill of sugar this month! And with a visit to Utah coming up--I am sure you and Mom will help him out on that, too!

Kristyn Elise said...

Awesome cake! I'm so impressed!

Beth said...

That cake looks terrific, Meggin! Way to go!! And happy birthday to McKay. :-)

Kylee said...

I am way impressed! What a great cake! Happy b-day McKay!