Sunday, April 11, 2010


For several weeks, we have been looking forward to a visit from my family. With the exception of my dad, we haven't seen them since Christmas time. It's actually the longest I have ever gone without seeing my family (sad, I know).
So it seemed perfect that this past week my dad had a conference in Denver and it was my mom and brothers' spring break. Tuesday was the day they planned on driving out.
And then...they didn't. There was a massive snow storm that closed I-80 through Wyoming and left I-70 through the mountains a blizzard zone with crazy amounts of snow and ice. After debating, postponing, and pleading, the trip was cancelled. I won't lie: there were tears. My dad still flew out since he had to make a presentation at the conference (but it was too expensive to fly all four of them out on a flight that day). As grateful as we were for that, it was a MAJOR disappointment to not see my mom and brothers.
My dad brought all the goodies for the boys that my mom had planned on bringing: books, fudge, and four dozen Easter eggs stuffed with money and candy.

We had a fun time doing yet another Easter egg hunt in the backyard.

We went shopping and the boys each chose a new pair of spring jammies from their easter egg money. We LOVED seeing you, Toogie, but we are dying to see Grammie, too! Utah here we come! (Well, in 2 weeks or so!)


Nate and Jessica said...

It really is so hard to look forward to something like that and have it taken away.

Michelle said...

You guys are coming to Utah!! That's exciting :) I am sorry about your fam not being able to come, that snow storm was carzy! I am SO ready for Summer.. Well I hope I see ya in a few weeks!