Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ty and Kenzie's First Birthday Party

Last Saturday, we were able to have a combined birthday party for Ty and his friend, Kenzie Cooper. She turned one on May 21, so we did the party in between the two birthdays. We had a pool party at the Coopers' apartment pool. It was awesome to see so many of our friends from the ward there, and we all had a blast going swimming. It was hilarious to watch Ty and Kenzie go at their cupcakes, too--I think Ty downed his in about 2 minutes! Thanks to the Coopers for letting us have the party at their apartments, and thanks to all of our fun friends who came to share the day with us!

Ty and Daddy in the pool

Ty and Mommy

Ty and Kenzie dig into their cupcakes

What do you mean my cupcake is gone?!
(Don't you just love the look of concern Kenzie is giving Ty?)

Happy Birthday!

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Ira and Heather said...

Happy Be-lated birthday Ty!