Thursday, June 26, 2008

Our Nation's Capitol Building

Adam has a cousin who lives in Washington DC and works for a Senator's office. She was able to get us in for a tour of the capitol building through the Senator's office. It was an incredible experience. The building itself was awe-inspiring, with amazing architecture and beautiful murals and statues inside. It was really good for me to learn more about our government system, too, and gain more of a respect and appreciation for the freedom that I enjoy. One of the highlights of the tour was going into the senate chamber and witnessing the senate in session. They were debating the oil and gas issue. It was so cool to watch and listen to!

Our family outside the capitol

A statue of Brigham Young inside the capitol building--way to go, Brother Brigham!

It's kind of hard to tell, but this is the interior of the dome

One of my very favorite paintings inside the capitol:
The Signing of the Declaration of Independence


Mbeth said...

so i've always wanted to go to dc. bytheway, is that really a statue of BY? what is it doing there?

Anonymous said...

Each state has statues of two prominent individuals from the history of the state. Utah has statues of Brigham Young and Philo Farnsworth (who invented TV).