Friday, June 27, 2008

The Monuments and Memorials

Obviously a huge part of visiting Washington DC is visiting all the war and presidential memorials that are there. Though they are all neat to see, Adam and I both agreed that the Lincoln Memorial was our favorite. It is mammoth, and it is just beautiful. We both felt the Spirit there, too, as we were able to read the Gettysburg Address and contemplate what this simple man from Illinois did to save our great nation. I felt an amazing sense of gratitude for him and other great men like him who gave their lives to establish and preserve our freedom.

The Lincoln Memorial at night

Our family with Mr. Lincoln

The Washington Monument, across the Potomac River

The Washington Monument as viewed from the Lincoln Memorial

Ty and me at the WWII Memorial, with the Lincoln Memorial in the background

Ty at the World War II Memorial

The Vietnam War Memorial Wall--I liked how you can see our reflections in it!

Statues at the Korean War Memorial

Ty sitting in front of the wall at the Korean War Memorial

The Jefferson Memorial

This kind of reminds me of some wedding photos I have seen with the bride standing by the pillars of the Timpanogos Temple. That was not the intended outcome! I just thought it was a cute shot of Adam!


Annie said...

I know just what you mean. I thought my whole trip to DC was a spiritual experience. It really is an amazing place, and the Lincoln memorial really got me, too. Did you go to the Holocaust Museum?

Mari said...

Ha ha, oh you mean that wedding photo hanging in my living room right now...? And along with annie, did you get a chance to go to the holocause museum? It's pretty intense.

Adam & Meggin said...

We DID go to the holocaust museum, and it WAS intense. It left me feeling emotionally drained.

Cady said...

I made the blog! I can see myself in the reflection of the Vietnam Memorial;) I'll let you know if we make a blog...!