Thursday, August 18, 2011


I have been planning to do a Funny-Things-That-My-Kids-Say post for quite a long time now.  I have been gathering and mentally storing awesome Ty and McKay quotes.  But, tragically, after putting off and putting off writing them down, I have forgotten about 80% of the material I wanted to include.  It's a real shame.  So, though this is a very shortened list, I decided I should write it before I forgot it.  Here goes:

Today after preschool, I was asking Ty about what he did, learned, etc.  After listing off several items, I asked if he had played in the toy kitchen area today.  He looked at me quizzically and asked, "Do you mean the dramatic play area?"  I was like, "Um, yeah, I guess. "  He responded, "Yes, mom I played in the dramatic play area."  Ok.  Good to know.

A week or so ago, I impulsively bought a box of fortune cookies at the grocery store to serve after an Asian-style dinner.  Both boys were completely intrigued that there was a "message" inside their cookies!  After dinner, Ty broke his open and asked Adam to read him what it said.  As far as I can remember, his fortune was, "You will be fortunate at everything you put your hand to."  Ty gasped, "Ooooh!"  He ran to the sink where I was washing dishes, and exclaimed, "Mom!  My message told me I will be fortunate if I can put my hands together!"  Fortunate indeed.

This last one I have been holding onto for a while.  On Father's Day, the boys chose out a Lightning McQueen card to give to their dad with his present.  After he had opened and read it, Ty posted it on the fridge.  The next morning as soon as Adam left for work, Ty went to the fridge, reached up with both hands, pulled the card down, and clutched it to his chest, quietly murmuring, "It's all mine."  I looked at him, and said, "Wait a minute, buddy, that was actually for dad, remember?"  His response?  "Well, Dad's not here, is he?"

And if you want to hear something else that is funny, you just need to listen to McKay sing.  He doesn't say his l's well yet, so his (very sincere) version of I will Follow God's Plan begins, "My wife is a gift.  My wife has a plan..."

Sure do love my guys!

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Beth said...

Oh man, that one about "it's all mine!" is hilarious! And I will have to ask Josh about the dramatic play area; I can't get any information out of him at all. Maybe I've just been using the wrong words!