Thursday, August 4, 2011

First Day of Preschool

Sigh.  It's true.  I have really mixed feelings about this one.  These three hour afternoons while Ty is gone and McKay is sleeping?  Yes, please.  And yet, I already miss my little boy.  When did he get old enough to be in preschool, anyway?  

Ready to Go!

Brothers and Best Buds 

Ty and his friend, Josh.  Josh and Ty are in the same Sunbeam class at church.  There are actually 5 kids total from their Sunbeam class going to preschool here, but some are in other classes.  

When Ty woke up this morning, he ran into our room and blurted, "I'm going to school today!"  He had a huge grin on his face, and has been so excited all morning!  When we got to the school, he ran inside without even a backward glance at McKay and I.  It's hard to be too sad about having him gone when he is so happy about it!


Ash said...

oh.... that makes me sad. Even though it's so good and I'm glad he loves it. But it kinda breaks my heart that he's big enough for that!! What happened to that squishy little baby????

Beth said...

I'm so glad Josh has a buddy in his preschool class! How cute that Ty is so excited about going.

Even though this isn't my first go-around at the school thing (nor my last, since Abby's still at home), it is really weird not having my little buddy Joshua at home with me. Though I do enjoy the quiet. Yes, bittersweet, isn't it?

Kendra Kaiser said...

Woah! Preschool starts early in your town! Glad Tyler is so excited, it would be awful to have things going in the other direction with tears and such.

Everyday Thoughts said...

I teared up a little reading this one....Caleb will be going to preschool in about a month. He also will be going in the afternoon when Reuben sleeps and I am pretty excited about the quiet time, but, you're right, where did our little boys go??

Good Job Ty! Hope you continue to love school!