Sunday, January 2, 2011

Let it Snow

Remember how I mentioned that we left Utah early because of a snowstorm that was coming?  It pounded us here in Colorado on Wednesday and Thursday.  My kids were thrilled; me, not so much.  I guess I shouldn't complain seeing how much of our December days were in the 50's and 60's.  But snow and I just don't get along.
On Friday morning, Ty told Adam that they had better get out and shovel the driveway.  He was so excited (Ty that is, not Adam)!

McKay was so heartbroken watching from the front window that I finally gave in and let him go play, too.

He loved it for the first few minutes, but then he took off across the yard, fell, and couldn't seem to get himself back to the driveway.  He whined, "Stuck, Mommy," until I came and got him.  He was pretty much done after that.

Ty, on the other hand, was euphoric in the 3 degree weather.  Is this really my kid?  If I didn't know better I might question it!

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Michelle said...

Cute pics! You guys did get lots of snow! I am sad we did not see you guys again... but we are happy you all made it home safe :)