Friday, December 31, 2010


...Is a great place to get a slurpee, and also the number of miles I ran in 2010.  Knowing that I was going to train for a half marathon, I started keeping a log of the miles I ran each day beginning the second week of January.  It was something I did just for fun, really.  June came and I finished the race, but I figured since I had been logging my miles for six months, I should just keep going.  I never actually tallied the total until November, and I found I had run about 630.  I made it a goal to hit 700 by Dec. 31.  I actually reached my goal on Christmas Eve.  We were in Provo with my family, and were just finishing our Christmas Eve dinner, when Adam came in with a cake with "700" in candles on it.  My sister starting singing, "Happy Miles to You," and everyone joined in.  It was super cheesy but funny, too.  I'm grateful for a sweet husband who recognizes and celebrates my personal accomplishments, even when there's no real cause for celebration!

The new year starts tomorrow, and so does my mile count.  Try it, it's fun!  How many miles will you run/bike/swim/walk (or whatever is fun for you!) in 2011?


Beth said...

Congrats! That is totally amazing. I love that you kept track of your goal throughout the year and could stick a number on it -- I do the same thing with the books I read, just for fun. But, yeah, I ought to do it with exercise -- it might just be the thing that gets me motivated! No way could I make it 700+ miles, but 365, averaging one every day ... maybe that's a reasonable goal? Hmm -- you've got me thinking. :-)

P.S. I saw your other post about Hawaii -- SO AWESOME!! My sister-in-law is living there right now and I am living vicariously through her blog -- looks amazing!

lanita said...

"No real cause for celebration." Come again? That's awesome, Meggin. Congrats!!