Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas #3

We headed up to Salt Lake on Christmas afternoon to spend time with Adam's family.  All of his brothers were there with their families, too--a packed house!  Our gift from Adam's parents was a bit different this year.  They gave us a box filled with ten different clues.  With each clue came a wrapped object--a pair of flip flops, a ukelele, a coconut, an umbrella, etc.  This was clue #10:

We're going to Hawaii, baby!!  We will be spending eight days on Oahu; four days and nights on the North Shore at Turtle Bay, and four days and nights down south around Honolulu and Waikiki.  None of us have been there before, and we are beyond excited!

The rest of Christmas with the Marchants was good, though maybe a bit anticlimactic! :)  The boys sure thought they were in heaven with so many presents and so many cousins!
Here they are modeling their new church clothes from G&G Marchant.  Grandma sure knows how to choose cute clothes!

Other highlights from our trip to Utah included a visit with Doug and Heather and their cute twiners; a tour of Sean and Angie's newly remodeled home; a trip to IKEA (always a favorite for me!); going out to breakfast with G&G Marchant and Bry; for Adam, playing tennis with his brothers and friend, Jon; and for Ty, building his first-ever snowman with his daddy.

We were planning to go to Temple Square to see the lights on Tuesday, but unfortunately we had to leave early to beat the bad storm that was coming.  Even still, it was a really great trip.  We loved being with all our family members, but when it was all said and done, we all felt like this:

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