Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas #2

We spent our first few days in Utah with my family in Provo.  The boys were the center of attention, and loved every second of it. 

Our days in Provo were highlighted by playing lots of games, eating junk, and having fun together.  On Christmas Eve, we became the Kaiser Family Singers and caroled to several of my parents' neighbors and friends.  That's a tradition I really love.  As it turns out, Ty does, too.  After we finished singing at each house, he would shout, "Merry Christmas!" and then run down the driveway saying, "Let's go to another house!"  He was terribly upset when it was time to head home!

Christmas morning at my parents' house did not disappoint.  The funniest part to me was when my sister and I both opened gifts that the other had chosen--and we chose each other the exact same sweater (in different colors)!  What are the odds?

The second funniest part was giving my sister the ornaments I got at my "old lady ornament party".  A few weeks back, I attended an ornament exchange with several older women, and Ashleigh kept telling me how jealous she was.  I decided to give her all the ornaments I acquired, and believe me, there were some real beauties!  :)

Ty's favorite part of Christmas morning was opening his LeakLess car and LeakLess Mack (from Disney's Cars movie) from Grammie and Tooge.  He has been asking for them for at least two months.  He was so excited about it that I couldn't get him to pry his eyes off them for even a minute to take his picture, and they have been his inseparable companions since they came out of their box.

McKay's favorite part?  Hard to say.  But that watermelon had to be close to the top of the list.

If I had to take a guess, I would say that all the Jazz gear Adam received would top his list this year.  Between our three Christmas celebrations, he got a Jazz hoodie, blanket, salt and pepper shakers, and corn bags made by my brother, Matt (you warm them in your microwave and put them in bed with you to keep your feet warm all night--fabulous!).   Ty also got some mini Jazz basketballs from my parents.  All in all, it was a Jazz-y Christmas, I'd say!
Our time in Provo was wonderful.  We loved being with my parents, brothers, sister and brother-in-law, and grandma.  We definitely had a great time!

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