Sunday, January 30, 2011

Maniac McKay

Since my last post, McKay has fallen: down the stairs, head-first off the couch onto the hardwood, and off the highest platform on the playground at the park.  The park fall was by far the scariest.  He was on a platform that was probably 8 or 9' high, and I turned around just in time to see him in mid-air.  He landed flat on his stomach, with his forearms sort of under him.  I thought certainly something would be broken.  My first thought was, "My poor baby!!"  Followed closely by, "Urgent care and ER in one week.  Awesome."  Amazingly enough, he was barely hurt at all.  His forearms and cheek got scratched where he hit the wood chips, but it scared him far more than hurt him, thank goodness.
Sometimes I feel like such a bad mom because he always has serious face wounds, but I am trying to shake the guilt.  McKay is a full-throttle, high-intensity, active boy with zero fear.  I am learning that to prevent all injuries, I  would literally have to be one step behind him at all times.  Not possible.  I remove him from dangerous situations (ie: dancing on the kitchen table), but I have to just let him live and play and get hurt sometimes a lot.  It's hard for me, but I am learning.
The big blessing is that little kids heal SO QUICKLY!!  When I went into McKay's room to get him up on Tuesday morning, his eye wound was totally sealed up and already looked pretty great!  Now, less than a week later, it is hardly noticeable at all!  If I hadn't seen it myself on Monday night, I would never believe that it was as serious as it actually was.
We took the boys to Sonic on Friday night to sort of make up for the fact that our FHE was ruined.  It was a novelty for them to eat in the car.  For us, the novelty was that McKay was strapped in his carseat!!

Despite his reckless nature, McKay is an absolute delight.  He is consistently speaking in 6-8 word sentences now.  Some of my favorite things he is saying lately:

"I'm in da weave! (lead)" as he and Ty are racing around the house.
"Ah you kidding me?"
"I ah (have) no idea." 
"He swides down da pole on Chismas Eve.  No, Chismas is owa (over)."  Apparently Santa and firemen get a little mixed up in his mind!

And my least favorite thing he says:

"No!  I don't want to, Mom!"

Sweet boy.  I love him too, too much.  My heart can't take how much he gets hurt!


Andrea said...

Crazy Kid! My husband just said, "How do they keep him alive?!" I'm going on the assumption that he has got several of the top guardian angels working around the clock to keep him from killing himself on something. He's a cutie though!

Nichols Family said...

Just think how tough he's going to be when he's older. ;)

LeChem Fam said...

What a tough little man.