Monday, October 25, 2010

Our Halloween Bash!

On Saturday morning we threw one of our first big parties.  It took quite a bit of planning and prep, but we thought it was a success!

We had a bean bag toss (Adam's masterpiece!),

A candy corn race,

Pin the head on the skeleton (Breea's masterpiece--thanks SO much!),

Cookie decorating...

(Woah, girl!)

...and eating;

Fabulous costumes,

And the big hit of the day, the doughnut eating contest!


Even some of the dads got in on it!

Oh, and the moms, too!

Thanks to everyone who came and celebrated with us!  We had so, so much fun, and we hope you did, too!

1 comment:

Breea and Bryan said...

Great pictures! And great party, Bryan and I kept saying all day how much fun we had with you guys. Thanks for all the fun.